The production of enterprise architecture artefacts must follow a controlled authoring and content management process – principle 3

Principle 3 outlines the need for a controlled authoring process in conjunction with a content management system. This will ensure that appropriate artefacts are identified and the where needed sections or topics that require evidence can completed and reviewed accordingly. The following represent a series of authoring activities that can be controlled through workflow and collaboration functions within a content management system such as Sharepoint or Livelink:

  • Scheduling of work with appropriate artefact templates
  • Drafting of the template through collaborative authoring and workflow
  • Scheduling of research into domain or topic to identify underlying evidence for appropriate sections within the artefact
  • Collection of evidence to support recommendations and hypotheses
  • Collation of content and evidence within artefact for final draft
  • Submission of draft artefact for review by review committee and subject matter experts
  • Review of draft artefact and supporting evidence
  • Analysis of feedback and update of draft to final version
  • submission of artefact for sign off
  • Release of artefact to requestor
  • Uploading of artefact and supporting evidence in architectural repository
  • Continual monitoring and appraisal of artefact through operational lifetime.
Enterprise architecture artefacts should be considered as some of the most valuable enterprise assets as they not only define the structure of the organisation but they steer the future design of the organisation’s evolution. It is therefore important that they are produced and maintained in a disciplined fashion.

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