Using an evidence model to define how an organisation classifies evidence and evidence value – principle 6

During my research into the subject of evidence based practices and how to apply the approach to enterprise architecture i have only come across three models or metamodels associated with evidence. The first comes from a publication called Enterprise Architecture – Models and Analysis for Information Systems Decision Making by Pontus Johnson and Mathias Ekstedt (a very good book and i recommend reading it) the second and third are models from the OMG website on the subjects of Software Assurance Evidence Metamodel (SAEM) and Argument Metamodel (ARM). Non of these models fulfil all of the requirements i was looking for as a model to support evidence based enterprise architecture however they provide useful associations. The two models from OMG are software related and thus would be useful in the area of software development. The model from the publication is a high level model giving the main subject areas.

For this principle I recommend that an organisation produces an evidence model to define how they classify evidence, value it, analyse it and apply it. In future posts i will offer descriptions of the model i have been developing.

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