All architects should be trained on how to perform evidence research and evidence analysis – principle 7

It was only after working for a research institute that i began to fully appreciate the capabilities and time required when conducting research for evidence. This institute employed research librarians, research analysts and specialist researchers to support the teams building clinical evidence. These individuals collectively located evidence, analysed it and stored and maintained it for use in several large knowledge databases.

In order to apply evidence based enterprise architecture, Architects should at least be trained on the basic techniques of research, analysing the information they find and how to apply it. This should include setting the objectives of the research, defining the questions to answer, undertaking literature reviews and collecting the information for analysis. Finally, identifying the appropriate evidence required to support their hypothesis and conveying that through their documentation.

I don’t however expect Architects to become experts in this area. The architecture practice within an organisation should make a judgement on how it develops this capability and whether or not it requires specialist resources.

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