An evidence based enterprise

Is the enterprise of the future an evidence based enterprise? It is an interesting question and as the number of business functions exploring an evidence based approach grows, then perhaps there will be a tipping point towards its acceptance.

Every organisation has a different view of how technology can influence how they do business. Perhaps this is best explained using the old term from the late 90s when enterprises were either Bricks and Mortar or Dot Coms. Whilst this does not mean that one is more or less likely to adopt evidence based practice a smaller more agile organisation should have the advantage because their thinking may be more progressive.

I think the adoption will depend upon the type of organisation and the culture it instills. Technology has the ability now to communicate with every single person in an enterprise, no matter how large it is, via email or the internet. Thus, it has the ability to deliver information to every person so that they can use it to perform the activities they do. Therefore technology is able to put evidence in the hands of everyone that makes a decision. So a culture that exists with the belief that evidence is important combined with a pioneering view of using technology in the workplace, like the dot coms, should be better placed to leverage information and technology to make better decisions.

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